Recent Past - February 27 and 28

Ken O'Keefe -- Uncensored
and Unscripted

Ken O'Keefe, San Diego native, former United States Marine, Gulf War veteran, organizer of the human shield action to Iraq, survivor of the Israeli attack on the MV Mavi Marmara, Irish-Palestinian citizen, founder of World Citizen Solutions, ...

Spoke at two events on the last weekend of February 2016, sponsored by San Diegans for 9/11 Truth. Ken spoke from the heart about his awakening and how you as an individual, can positively impact and influence all of humanity, not just for now but for all future generations.


Christopher Bollyn,
Investigative Journalist

Christopher Bollyn writes to us on his latest endevors. On February 22, he held a one-man protest for 9-11 truth at the Oscars in Hollywood with signs that read “9-11 Truth Ends the War” and “Solving 9-11 Ends the War” in front of the VIP limousines waiting to pass through the security check outside the theatre.  The Hollywood moguls may want to ignore 9-11 truth but they will not be able to do so for much longer; the truth is coming out all over.   

On the final day of the tour, March 10, Christopher did a studio interview in Beverly Hills with Sean Stone, the son of Oliver Stone, for his “Buzzsaw” program.  Sean Stone’s interview and Farrakhan’s speech have opened the door to 9-11 truth for whole new segments of the public.  All in all, the success of his winter tour greatly exceeded his expectations, with many thanks to his friends and supporters of 9-11 truth.  

San Diegans for 9/11 Truth were very pleased to welcome Christopher as a special guest and speaker on September 14, 2014.  Bollyn is an American journalist, living in Sweden and author of Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World.  In 2006 Bollyn worked closely with Professor Steven E. Jones examining and documenting the scientific evidence supporting Jones’ thermite theory.  In the wake of this groundbreaking work, Jones was put on leave and eventually retired from Brigham Young University, and Bollyn and his family were ultimately forced into exile (after Bollyn was attacked by unscrupulous police and obstructed by a corrupted justice system.)

In Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World Bollyn not only connects the dots, he succinctly pulls back the curtain to reveal what one reviewer called “perhaps the most powerful and sadistic Mob masquerading as the most sacred of sacred cows in human history.”

Above photo by Mike Chickey.




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"... the tyrants have no power but that which we have unwittingly relinquished to them... in order to create a better world we simply need to take our power back. ..."

Video of Sunday talk at https://youtu.be/atSWC89ylTo

Photo: Mike Chickey

4th of July Outreach

2nd Sunday - July 10, 6:30 pm


Life in Occupied Palestine, an award winning presentation by Anna Baltzer


At last month’s event the film Occupation of the American Mind examined how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces to shape American media coverage to strongly favor Israel.  This month we will further explore what Israel and the U.S. government are working so hard to hide from the American public.

Life in Occupied Palestine is a down-to-earth and non-alienating introduction to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the nonviolent movement for freedom and equality in the Holy Land.

Anna Baltzer is an author, organizer, Columbia University graduate, Fulbright scholar, and volunteer with the International Women's Peace Service.   Her activism for Palestinian human rights began in 2003 during a backpacking trip through the Middle East where she met many Palestinian refugees from 1948.  From her new acquaintances she began to hear a narrative about the history and present state of Israel/Palestine that was entirely different from the one she had learned growing up in the United States.

Please join San Diegans for 9/11 Truth at Joyce Beers Community Center for a screening of this award winning presentation and the followup discussion. This event is FREE.


The meeting is at Joyce Beers Uptown Community Center, 3900 Vermont St. Hillcrest -- Uptown/Ralph's Shopping Center, next to Panera Bread Restaurant.

Park in underground structure across the street and north, behind Trader Joe's. Street parking is time limited and subject to being towed.


4th of July Outreach (held July 3, 2016) brought out large crowds on a beautiful day along San Diego’s Harbor Front. Of those many folk, a good number stopped by to see what was up with a group of displays showing photos of exploding buildings, and the like. And of those who stopped by, a good number heard for the first time about about the 9/11 deception foisted on the public by the government and mainstream media.

Thanks to Mike Chickey for the photos. The full set of photos is available here.